Sam C. Okojere

Director, Payments System Management Department (PSMD) at the Central Bank of Nigeria


Sam C. Okojere (B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, P2P, is the maiden Director in charge of Payments System Management Department (PSMD) at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Prior to his appointment as the Maiden Director of PSMD, he was the pioneer project Manager for the Nigerian Payments System Vision 2020 since 2009. Sam is very well known in the industry and has been central to several significant industry initiatives on payments system such as the regulations on Security Settlement in Nigeria, etc. His work on the Payments System Vision 2020 (PSV2020) project, where he played a strong leadership and coordinating role, managing engagements with stakeholders within the payments ecosystem is quite well regarded, and is currently leading the charge for the future of payments from a regulatory standpoint in Nigeria. He is a fellow of the Association of Enterprise Risk Management professionals in Nigeria.

With over 28 years behind, Sam is an experienced expert in Payments System development and management. Prior to his involement in Payment & Settlement systems, he has also garnered lots of experience in Agricultural finance, Export credit & Trade financing, Development finance and Banking Examination/supervision. Mr Okojere played key roles in the establishment of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank as well as the African Export-Bank Bank among others.

He is currently, a member of the Board of Directors of FMDQ Securities Exchange PLC, and also the Chairman of Nigeria Electronic Fraud Forum (NeFF) – an industry anti-Fraud body.

He was educated in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Israel and United States of America. Above, he is an Alumnus of the Prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Management Program.